An unexpected error was encountered while executing a WSL command (or how to install Docker on Windows)

Installing Dropbox Desktop on Windows When trying to go through the Dropbox tutorial, I ran into an error after installing Dropbox Desktop: “An unexpected error was encountered while executing a WSL command”. QUICKFIX TLDR:Enable SVM (secure virtual machine)… Read More

Adding wordpress to github

Here are my setup notes for adding my wordpress to github so I could have some peace of mind. Embarrassingly, having worked for Meta over a year now and using Mercurial strictly through the UX in VSCode, I… Read More

git squash all commits into one and merge back into master with rebase and merge –ff-only

This is my workflow. Work in a remote branch:git checkout -b topsecretbranch Make lots of small iterative changes, committing each one with vague messages like “small changes”, “typos” and “lol”. At some point this code will be ready… Read More

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::has_errors()

TLDR: SSH onto your wordpress host cd to the wp-includes directory open a text editor (I used vim) copy and paste the has_errors function code (see below for code snippet) save the file exit Boring details and thought… Read More

Using SQL to query DynamoDB with Data Pipelines and s3

DynamoDB allows some basic querying out of the box based on the primary key and global secondary indexes. It also allows scanning with filters. Other than that, the functionality is pretty limited. There is some setup required, but… Read More

UW CSE P576 notes – Harris corner detection

The following are my notes on the Harris corner detection algorithm for finding the features in an image. These slide screenshots were taken from the University of Washington course homepage here: The idea is to consider a… Read More

UW CSE P 505 – Monads

Monads were created in response to the problems that arise when a pure functional programming language encounters the dirty impurities of the real world. One particular problem that vexed researchers and developers early on was how to represent… Read More

UW CSE P 505 Notes – Continuation Passing Style

Continuation passing style (CPS) is a style of programming wherein function calls are chained together. Each function in the chain performs some computation on a value and then passes the result of that computation on to the next… Read More

Notes from UW CSE P 505 – Writing an interpreter

One of the canonical exercises given in Computer Science graduate level Programming Language courses is writing an interpreter for a Scheme like language, due to Scheme‚Äôs relatively simple syntax and minimalist design. My UW CSE P 505 class… Read More

Haskell is cool (infinite self referencing lists)

I’m currently taking CSE 505:Programming Languages at the University of Washington for my masters degree in computer science. We are using Scala at work, a language that incorporates a lot of advanced programming language constructs, so I felt… Read More