UW CSE P 505 – Monads

Monads were created in response to the problems that arise when a pure functional programming language encounters the dirty impurities of the real world. One particular problem that vexed researchers and developers early on was how to represent… Read More

UW CSE P 505 Notes – Continuation Passing Style

Continuation passing style (CPS) is a style of programming wherein function calls are chained together. Each function in the chain performs some computation on a value and then passes the result of that computation on to the next… Read More

Notes from UW CSE P 505 – Writing an interpreter

One of the canonical exercises given in Computer Science graduate level Programming Language courses is writing an interpreter for a Scheme like language, due to Scheme‚Äôs relatively simple syntax and minimalist design. My UW CSE P 505 class… Read More

Haskell is cool (infinite self referencing lists)

I’m currently taking CSE 505:Programming Languages at the University of Washington for my masters degree in computer science. We are using Scala at work, a language that incorporates a lot of advanced programming language constructs, so I felt… Read More