Scalatra tutorial part 4: Adding scalastyle

Scalastyle provides functionality to enforce style rules and best practices in Scala, similar to jslint, FXCop, or PMD. Setting it up is straightforward. You can follow along here: with git hash 5d40618622e79835e870fac1533a90bbf9694dc3 First, we will modify plugins.sbt… Read More

Scalatra Tutorial (Part 2): Logging, debugging, and tests

Part 1 of this tutorial is here You can follow along by getting the code from github here: The git hash for part 2 is 32190b1ae5eb685f6a06eaae6cd5fa15d5cf23bd Now that we have a barebones implementation of a web API,… Read More

Scalatra tutorial (Part 1): Setting up a barebones “Hello world” REST API

I went through the exercise of setting up a Scalatra web API on my MacOS X for work. There are lots of guides out there, most of which use pre-existing projects¬†on Github as a starting point. The official… Read More