Temporary workarounds are not so temporary

In a perfect world, development schedules would be based on realistic estimates, with plenty of buffer time factored in for the unexpected contingencies that always arise. But the real world is never ideal. Shit happens. Development cycles end… Read More

Manipulating raw bitmap data in .NET

The Bitmap class found in the .NET Framework provides a lot of useful functionality.   Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any methods that let you easily manipulate the raw bitmap data.   It provides a SetPixel method which takes… Read More

Simple JQuery tutorial

JQuery is a Javascript development framework that makes life for the Javascript developer that much more easier. It provides a set of libraries and standardized UI widgets, all topped with a liberal dose of syntactic sugar, to make… Read More

A reading list for the stuff they didn’t teach you in school

One of the problems with computer science courses is that they are too academic; heavy on the theory while lacking in practical application.   That’s not to say that theory is bad.  Algorithms, data structures, run time analysis, discrete… Read More